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Chinese-American Professionals Association of Metropolitan Washington, D. C.

華 府 國 建 聯 誼 會

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Dear CAPA members,

I am honored to be elected as the 2011 CAPA President. First of all, I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone enjoying a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year of Rabbit.

Please join me to congratulate and welcome the members of the 2011 CAPA Executive Council as follows:

• Edward I. Wan (萬宜生) – President
• Juliann Kiang (龔則韞) - Vice President
• Charles Fan (范允強) - Treasurer
• Cheng-Tying Chen (陳正廷) – Secretary
• Fung-lung Chung (宗方隆) – Membership Coordinator
• Samson Luk (陸秦生) – Public Relations Coordinator
• Ching-Sung Chin (金慶松) – Planning Coordinator

Charlie Pan (潘志中) will also continue serving as CAPA’s webmaster. As many people who served in this capacity before would concur, it is a privilege to serve CAPA -- an organization with a glorious and distinguished history.

I also want to thank my colleagues who served diligently as members of the 2010 CAPA Executive Council. Under the leadership of Julia Liu (涂曼麗) and Ray Hwang (黃瑞禮), the 2010 EC team has done an outstanding job in keeping the CAPA traditions alive and deserves our gratitude.

Before I joined the Executive Council last year, I was not clear about the purpose of CAPA. As stated in our Bylaws, “the purpose of the Association is to promote fellowship among its members through their common interest, similar educational background and unifying cultural heritage”. As a result, each year CAPA sponsors an annual symposium to foster intellectual exchanges and interactions and encourages members to share knowledge and advance their professional standings.

My goal for this year is no different from the above statements. However, I believe that we can accomplish this goal by leveraging more of our own assets. In reviewing our membership database, I am impressed with the diverse professional backgrounds and outstanding accomplishments of our members. In particular, I am very excited about the high-caliber people who were elected this year as EC Board and new members. With an active EC Board and the complementary skills offered by a diverse Advisor group, we should be able to accomplish a set of goals. I also learned that because CAPA is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) US organization, we can raise endowment funds for the organization. To take advantage of our tax-exempt status, I would like to start a committee that will look into the possibility of organizing fundraising activities for supporting specific CAPA programs.

As a result of my initiative to contact new members, I am pleased to announce the addition of three individuals to serve as Advisors – Dr. James C. Meng (孟慶森), Dr. K.T. Jeang, (蔣觀德), and Dr. Cheng-I Wei (魏正毅). All three Advisors have demonstrated unprecedented professional accomplishments and unique leadership skills. In addition, I have asked two presidents and past year’s EC members to stay on as Advisors, including Carl Wu (吳澄敏), Thomas Wu (吳東麟), Julia Liu (涂曼麗), Ray Hwang ((黃瑞禮), BJ Huang (黃秉驥), and George Chang (張景杰). Why do we need this large group of Advisors? Well, the answer is that we plan to take full advantage of the passion and experience from everyone. Collectively, I believe we can do much more for the organization. In due time, we will announce specific programs and assignments to seek direct involvement from all of the EC Board and Advisors.

The first EC Board meeting is scheduled to be held on February 19, 2011 at my house. All EC Board and Advisors are urged to attend this important meeting. At the meeting, we will discuss 2011 plans and reach consensus on important programs. Hopefully, we will be able to assign people to specific tasks and follow-up actions.

I appreciate receiving your input and advice as to how to make CAPA a prosperous organization with a bright and sustainable future. I look forward to your continuing support of CAPA.


Edward Wan, 2011 CAPA President
7606 Bells Mill Road
Bethesda, MD 20817

(301) 983-2279