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Chinese-American Professionals Association of Metropolitan Washington, D. C.

華 府 國 建 聯 誼 會

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Dear CAPA members,
I am honored to be elected as the 2012 CAPA President.  It is my privilege to serve CAPA -- an organization with glorious history and distinguished past accomplishments.  First, I want to thank my colleagues who served diligently as members of the 2011 CAPA Executive Committee.  Under the leadership of President Edward Wan, the 2011 EC & Advisor team has done an outstanding job in moving forward while still keeping the CAPA tradition alive.
I want to take this opportunity to introduce the distinguished members of the 2012 CAPA Executive Committee as follows:

• Sam Luk (陸秦生), D.P.T. (President)
• Charles Fan (范允強),  Ph.D. (Vice President)
• Chen-Yu Yen (嚴震宇), Ph.D. (Treasurer)
• Alex Lin (林佾德), M.S. (Secretary)
• Paul Wang (王秩秋), Ph.D. (Membership Coordinator)
• Cheng-Tyng Chen (陳正廷), Ph.D. (Planning Coordinator)
• Fung Lung Chung (宗方隆) , Ph.D. (Public Relation Coordinator)


I am also pleased to announce the appointment of nine individuals who will serve as Sr. Advisors this year – Edward Wan (萬宜生), Ph.D., Thomas Wu (吳東麟), Ph.D., Carl Wu (吳澄敏), Ph.D., George Chang (張景杰), Ph.D., Ray Hwang (黃瑞禮), LLD., Juliann Kiang (龔則韞), Ph.D., Mei-Ling Ting Lee (丁美齡), Ph.D., Apollo Teng (鄧德成), M.S. and Grace Wei (葉淑美), M.S.  These Advisors have demonstrated unprecedented accomplishments and unique skills. Most of them have previously served either as CAPA President or Vice President. With the collective wisdom of EC and Advisors, I hope we can accomplish more for the organization.
Established in 1975, the purpose of the organization has always been emphasized to “promote fellowship among its members through their common interest, similar educational background and unifying cultural heritage”. As a result, each year CAPA sponsors an annual symposium to “foster intellectual exchanges and interactions and encourages members to share new knowledge and advance their professional standings”.  For the past 36 years, CAPA has done a remarkable job in serving our community and has solidified our reputation as a leading Chinese American professional organization in Metropolitan Washington DC region.  I believe now is the time for the organization to consider transformation into a mainstream professional organization on a sustainable basis.
I am very impressed with the diverse professional background and outstanding accomplishments of our members. In particular, I am very excited about the high-caliber people who were admitted as new members this year.  With the input of ideas from our members and advisors, the future of CAPA is bright and exciting.  I appreciate receiving your inputs and advices as to how to make CAPA a prosperous and sustainable organization. I look forward to your continuing support of CAPA.   Thank You.   



Samson Luk, D.P.T., 2012 CAPA President