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Chinese-American Professionals Association of Metropolitan Washington, D. C.

華 府 國 建 聯 誼 會

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彭汪嘉康前會長午餐會互動熱絡 老友重聚倍感溫馨

Warm and interactive luncheon with former President Whang-Peng





The CAPA-DC hosted a warm reunion luncheon for our first President Academician Jacqueline Whang-Peng and CAPA members at the Far East restaurant on April 8. In addition to her old friends and CAPA members, the luncheon with Jackie also attracted many non-CAPA members to attend. There were almost sixty people in the luncheon, including students who came all the way from Johns Hopkins University.


The luncheon opened with the presentation of a meaningful gift to the former President Whang-Peng: the 40th Anniversary Special Publication of CAPA-DC. Then, as an old friend of Jackie, Academician De-Maw Chuang introduced her to the audience. The former President Whang-Peng first talked about a twisted story of her career jump from the medical front line to academic research when she was in the DC area. Then she reviewed the motivation of her return to Taiwan and her experiences and contributions there. Finally, she encouraged all CAPA members, professionals in varied areas in the greater DC area, could use their personal influence from abroad to help our homeland Taiwan. Throughout the luncheon, the warm interactions amount Jackie and her old friends were touching, and her encouragement and support for the younger generations was admirable.



Event albums (by Apollo Deng, William Tu, and Yishinn Liaw):